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Why are we so excited about South Australia's new law!?

And why did the Washington Post interview Dr Emma Boulton about abortion in Australia!?

You would have to be living under a rock to have missed what has often been headline news about abortion law in the USA over the past few weeks. And that news has shocked, saddened and disgusted the masses across the globe.

But unlike what's happening in the US, here in Australia, in 'South' Australia to be exact, we've just celebrated a 'great day' for abortion care! Yesterday, the Governor of South Australia signed off on new regulations for the delivery of abortion care under the Termination of Pregnancy Act (SA) 2021. The new law that decriminalises abortion care can finally take effect as of 7 July 2022.

This great news means that Clinic 66 can now provide our not-for-profit Abortion Online telehealth services to the women of South Australia! And this means that our specialised women's health GP's can now help women all over Australia with our full range of Clinic 66 Online services.

"It's been truly heartbreaking for my team and myself, as we have been forced to turn away far too many South Australian women since we launched our Abortion Online telehealth service. We're absolutely thrilled that we can now offer our professional 'not-for-profit' tele-abortion services to ALL Australian women who need our medical abortion by telehealth service... this is a great day for the pro choice movement and the women of Australia."

Dr Emma Boulton, Clinic 66 Director

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