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National medication shortage has impacted our ability to provide medical abortion services

Though it pains us to post this, there is currently a nationwide medication shortage that may impact Australian women seeking medical abortion services over the coming week(s).

Unfortunately we are forced to limit our medical abortion services at Clinic 66 until further notice. This is due to a covid induced shortage in the abortion pill medication MS2Step.

This issue once again highlights the many barriers women face to accessing medical abortion in Australia, which includes but is not limited to:

  • abortion training is not included in undergraduate or post graduate medical training

  • authority prescription is required for the medication

  • pharmacist has to be specially registered

  • only one brand is licensed for use on the PBS, thereby creating a supply chain risk (as is currently the case).

These medications should have restrictions removed, especially during a pandemic when demand is high.

For further info on our position, which we share with a coalition of like-minded healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, women's health organisations etc see:

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1 Comment

Karen Wiggins
Karen Wiggins
Oct 07, 2021

I really enjoyed your blog thanks for sharing.

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