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Abortion (Unplanned Pregnancy Termination)


We know this is hard, and 100% support your choice

Strip away any religious or societal judgement regarding abortion, and you are left with a difficult decision.


This decision is always hardest for the woman who has to take the courageous step of terminating a pregnancy, and at Clinic 66 you can be 100% assured of a professional yet caring, compassionate and supportive experience.

We can assist you with a surgical abortion or medical abortion at the Clinic

or if you're under 9 weeks, we can guide you through a medical abortion at home, and your doctor will meet with you online, by tele-health.

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Pregnancy (gestation) Calculator

Select the date of the first day of your last menstrual period

Note: this calculation is only indicative of your pregnancy gestation, but will give us a good idea of where you are at right now, and help to guide some of our initial decisions (and options).

If you don't have regular periods or you're not sure about your menstrual cycle, you will need to have a dating ultra-sound before we can determine your gestation.

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Your body.  Your life.  Your choice.  Your decision.

It is important to take your time considering all available options to make the best decision for you. There may be well meaning people around you who will try to guide you in one way or the other, but ultimately, this is your choice. Our impartial doctors and support staff are here to help if you would like to talk it out.

Your options

  1. Continuing the pregnancy — choosing to parent

  2. Continuing the pregnancy — for adoption

  3. Terminating the pregnancy

    • Surgical abortion?

    • Medical abortion?

    • Tele-Abortion?

Abortion: Your body, Your life, Your choice, Your decision. Clinic 66

Need more information

& support?

For info & support for parenting:
Pregnancy choices helpline 
Tel: 1800 008463


For info & support for adoption:
Adoption and Permanent Care Services
Tel: 02 9716 3000

Some Questions to consider

  • Is it the right time for a child given other plans and responsibilities?

  • Am I/we financially and emotionally ready?

  • Am I/we able to accept the idea of being in a long-term relationship? If not, could I manage alone?

  • Would we stay together without a pregnancy?

  • How would the child’s best interests be cared for if we did separate?

Types of Abortion we provide

Surgical Abortion
6-17 weeks

Surgical abortion is a simple,definitive and safe procedure which is performed in our Clinic under twilight sedation.  It takes only 10-15 mins and you will be comfortable and have no recollection of the procedure.


Medicare rebates apply.

Medical abortion is a safe and effective method for early stage pregnancies using medication which you take at home.


It does take longer and can be more painful than the surgical option.


Medicare rebates apply.

Up to 9 weeks

Tele-Abortion is essentially the same as medical abortion, but you do your tests locally and we meet with you via video or telephone if you are unable to come into the clinic. 

Medicare rebates apply.

Medical Abortion
up to 9 weeks

You're in Good Hands

We give you the best doctors, nurses and facilities

for the best possible care.

CLINIC 66_Dr Emma Boulton_edited.jpg
Dr. Emma Boulton

Dr Emma Boulton's experience and specialisation in the sexual and reproductive health space spans over 20+ years.


Her vision and mission is to remove the stigmas associated with sexual health, and she is leading a team of committed clinicians who share her vision toward that challenging goal.


Click here to read more about Emma's 'purpose driven practice' ... 

Our Awesome

All of our highly skilled doctors have undergone extensive specialist training in their respective fields, and they're passionate about what they do - they've dedicated their life to it!


What that means for you, is no matter what your sexual or reproductive health needs or concerns are, we have an 'expert' on hand to ensure that you get the best possible care and health outcomes.


CLINIC 66_recovery room.jpg
Our QA Accredited Facilities

Our facilities, procedures, practices and people continually go through rigorous quality assurance testing and accreditation. This is at the very core of who we are and serves to guide pretty much everything we do.


And though it may not mean much to you on the surface, it certainly is a big deal to us and the quality of care that you can be assured of at Clinic 66.  

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