Medical Abortion: Preparing for your consultation

What to Bring on The Day

  1. Your medicare card

  2. Photo Identification e.g. drivers licence, passport

  3. Cash, debit or credit card for the procedure cost (unfortunately we do not accept AMEX)

  4. Any test results (blood test and ultrasound) results in this pregnancy if you have already had them performed (tests are not necessary to have before your appointment as we can perform all necessary tests on site at the

  5. A referral is not necessary to see one of our GPs but if you have been given a letter by your usual doctor, please bring it to the appointment.

  6. Support person— it is both helpful and advisable to have someone accompany you for support. But please do not bring babies or children to the clinic.

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Preparation for your consultation

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When you arrive at the clinic for your appointment, our reception staff will ask you to complete some paperwork. All details provided will remain confidential.

We will send an SMS the day before your consultation to confirm your appointment time. Please allow enough time to travel to the clinic and aim to arrive 15min before your appointment time for registration and paperwork to be completed.   

Please have something light to eat and a few glasses of water before the appointment and aim to have a semi-full bladder for the appointment.


If you're suffering with nausea and vomiting, a light meal before your appointment can help to ease this.

The doctor will usually need to perform a blood test and ultrasound during the appointment and good hydration makes these tests easier.

The Medical Termination Consultation

You will see the doctor for counselling, blood tests and ultrasound assessment first (you don’t have to see the ultrasound). This assessment step may occasionally be performed by one of our nurses.
After the assessment, the doctor will take a thorough medical history to ensure that the medical termination is a suitable option for you. They will explain about the procedure, the steps, any possible complications and aftercare. This will be your opportunity to ask the medical staff any further questions or discuss any concerns you may have.


The first step of the medical termination (mifepristone) is usually administered at the clinic.


Most women do not start bleeding until after
they have taken step 2 (misoprostol) which is taken at home after 24-48 hours.


Pain relief and anti-nausea medication can be prescribed as needed.
The doctor will discuss future contraception options during your consultation. Some methods of contraception can be started at the time of, or shortly after the medical termination tablets are taken. Other methods of contraception can be started at your follow up appointment or at the next menstrual period.
Generally, the total time you will be at our clinic is 45min - 1.5 hours for a medical procedure.

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Follow up is essential to ensure that the medical termination has completed successfully. The usual follow-up is for you to have repeat pregnancy hormone blood test 5-10 days after the procedure and to also come back for a check up in 2-3 weeks after the medical termination.