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Clinic 66 is a unique 'one-stop' sexual health clinic

in Chatswood, Sydney




We are a procedural medical practice, specialising in reproductive and sexual health diagnosis, prevention, treatment and day surgery procedures

Conveniently located in Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore, Clinic 66 combines a multidisciplinary team of specialised GPs, sexual and reproductive health specialists, and allied health staff, who work together to provide a holistic, excellent, and affordable service.

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As most of our doctors are specialised GPs, you do not need a referral to see us & Medicare rebates do apply for most services.


Just a short stroll from Chatswood station and parking close-by.

Previously known as Gynaecare, we've been delivering a comprehensive range of specialised women's health services for over 20 years.


And in answer to a growing need, we now provide a range of men’s health services too.

We also operate a Quality Assured day-theatre and provide a number of procedures under IV sedation. 

We believe in "patient-centred care"  which means we will treat you with dignity and respect and involve you in all decisions about your health.

We pride ourselves on our professional, compassionate, caring, discreet and 100% non-judgmental approach.


We understand that some people find dealing with their sexual health concerns confronting. But we can comfortably say, that when it comes to sexual health issues, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.


You have nothing to fear... and most certainly nothing to feel ashamed of!

Our Doctors

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CLINIC 66_recovery room.jpg
Dr. Emma Boulton

Dr Emma Boulton's experience and specialisation in the sexual and reproductive health space spans over 20+ years.


Her mission is to remove the stigmas associated with sexual health, and she is leading a team of committed clinicians who share her vision toward that challenging goal.


Click here to read more about Emma's 'purpose driven practice' ... 

Our Awesome

All of our highly skilled doctors have undergone extensive specialist training in their respective fields, and they're passionate about what they do - they've dedicated their life to it!


What that means for you, is no matter what your sexual or reproductive health needs or concerns are, we have an 'expert' on hand to ensure that you get the best possible care and health outcomes.


Our QA Accredited Facilities

Our facilities, procedures, practices and people continually go through rigorous quality assurance testing and accreditation. This is at the very core of who we are and serves to guide pretty much everything we do.


And though it may not mean much to you on the surface, it certainly is a big deal to us and the quality of care that you can be assured of at Clinic 66.  

You're in good hands.
We give you the best doctors, nurses and facilities
for the best possible care.

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Last updated on 29/08/2022

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