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Exciting Abortion Changes in Play, but what will happen to TeleAbortion?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

We're excited about the news of changes to abortion regulations that are to come into effect on August 1.

These changes will simplify the process for doctors and pharmacists to prescribe and provide medication used in early medical abortions. The ultimate goal is to enhance the accessibility of abortion care, which is a major step forward.

The significance of these changes cannot be overstated, particularly for individuals residing in rural and remote areas. By facilitating easier access to abortion services, we are taking the initial strides towards ensuring that everyone in need can avail themselves of these vital healthcare services.

Although specific details regarding the changes are yet to be released, we are optimistic that they will contribute to ensuring essential healthcare reaches all those who require it.

However, we do have concerns about the proposed modifications to the Telehealth item numbers pertaining to sexual and reproductive health.

Through our telehealth initiatives at and, we assist women across the nation on a daily basis. These platforms have been instrumental in providing access to abortion care for individuals who would otherwise face significant barriers.

"As a resident of a remote area it can often take up to 3 weeks to get an appointment. With this service I was seen within 1 business day, was able to choose the GP & had all of my concerns managed in a caring, respectful, & efficient manner."

Telehealth is an essential aspect of healthcare, and we hope that the same rationale that led to the regulatory adjustments for medical abortion prescribing will extend to supporting telehealth services as well.

Our Dr Emma Boulton, talked to the team at This Arvo

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