Covid 19 BioSafety Policy

Keeping you as safe as possible when you visit Clinic 66

We take the health, safety and security of our patients, staff and facilities very seriously, and have increased our infection security measures in view of the Covid19 Coronavirus crisis to keep people who attend the clinic as safe as possible including: 


  • Clinic 66 is accredited for infection control to National Standards for Safety and Quality in Health care.  

  • Rigorous policy enforcement on the issue rather than individuals. Coronavirus does not discriminate and nor do we! 

  • Clinic 66 is not a typical general practice; we don't look after very old people,  very young people,  or people with chronic health problems who are not regular attenders

  • We will send pre-emptive text messaging for advice to all clients about when not to attend

  • We screen all clients for a history of travel to the latest  hotspots and if they have symptoms

  • We're keeping waiting room numbers to a minimum and only patients of the clinic are allowed into the clinic. (For children and anyone with a disability a support person is allowed inside)

  • We provide hand gel onsite and encourage its use

  • All our staff are healthy, informed and in positive spirits. We do not allow staff who are unwell to come to work. 

  • We are providing telehealth video consultations to patients who may have been exposed, have concerning symptoms or who prefer not to attend the clinic in person.

Last updated on 19/09/2020