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Family Planning

Clinic 66 offers a full range of family planning services, including contraception counselling and treatments, unplanned pregnancy management, infertility and pre-pregnancy work up, as well as shared antenatal care.

Our holistic and comprehensive range of family planning services extends way beyond helping you prepare and plan your pregnancy - although we certainly do that very well!

Our aim is to give you full control over your sexual and reproductive health.

condoms and birth control pills on a whi

We can advise you on the various ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy, including pills, diaphragms, condoms, permanent contraception, or a combination

iud - clinic66.jpg

The 'Gold Standard' of birth control for most women, and various options to choose from. We can prescribe, insert, remove and replace all IUDs in our clinic.

Holding Hands

Don't rush into IVF. Often it just requires some minor lifestyle changes and/or a little TLC to sort out the issues preventing you from falling pregnant. 

Young Couple Expecting

A high quality, affordable and low intervention and  way to prepare for the delivery of your baby in collaboration with your hospital.

Mature Businessman

We use an open-ended "no-scalpel" technique, proven to have the least risk of side effects and complications.

Woman on Window Sill

Surgical termination, medical termination or via an 'at home' tele-health option, we support you through this difficult time.

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