GP Antenatal Shared Care

Antenatal Shared Care (ANSC aka SAC) is a low intervention and affordable way to prepare for the delivery of your baby, and Clinic 66 can offer you the best in shared antenatal care in collaboration with several of Sydney's best public hospitals.

Our Antenatal Shared Care doctors are not only

highly experienced, specially trained and accredited by the local maternity hospitals, but they also hold specialist diplomas in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

What this means for you, is that for the majority of your pregnancy, you and your precious cargo will get special care, without having to pay the specialist price tag. 


What is GP Antenatal Shared care?

GP Antenatal Shared Care (ANSC) is a model in which your antenatal care is shared between the maternity unit of your local public hospital and an ANSC GP.


It provides high-quality care from a multidisciplinary team at a low cost to you if you have a Medicare card.


For non-medicare-card holders, we provide exceptional value for your antenatal care through your medical insurance, although if the pregnancy is complicated, you would need to see a private obstetrician before the delivery date.


Our role in the ANSC journey is to see you for initial confirmation of pregnancy, arrange blood tests and ultrasound scans and arrange referrals..

You will then continue to have antenatal appointments with us, as your GP, initially at monthly intervals, increasing to fortnightly and then weekly as your pregnancy progresses. You will also visit the hospital maternity unit at regular intervals.


If complications during the pregnancy occur, such as gestational diabetes, or if it is a twin pregnancy, then you would be referred earlier into the hospital system.


Otherwise, for an uncomplicated pregnancy, you will follow the shared antenatal care protocol as dictated by your local hospital, and you will deliver your baby in the hospital delivery suite.

Are you suitable for GP Antenatal Shared care?

GP Antenatal Shared care is a model of care which is suitable for women who have a low-risk pregnancy e.g. being fit and well with a singleton pregnancy (one baby only).

Women with high-risk pregnancies or any kind of complication are not suitable for ANSC and will be cared for solely by the obstetrics team who are based at your local hospital.


Examples of pregnancies which are not suitable for ANSC are women with diabetes, multiple pregnancies, women with ongoing medical problems of another nature, or women who have had complicated pregnancies and births in the past.

It is possible to start on the ANSC path, and if problems occur, and care needs to be escalated, you will be taken into the care of the obstetrics team, without the continued involvement of a GP.

Advantages of ANSC

  • Low price compared with private cover

  • Excellent standard of care

  • Multidisciplinary primary care team care

  • Minimal specialist input unless there are complications

Disadvantages of ANSC

  • Not suitable for complicated or high-risk pregnancies

Hospitals we are affiliated with for ANSC

  • Royal North Shore Hospital

  • Royal Hospital for Women

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

  • St George & Sutherland Hospitals

Meet the Clinic 66

Shared Antenatal Care Team

Why Choose Clinic 66 for your GP Antenatal Shared Care?

  1. We are specialists in Reproductive and Sexual Healthcare

  2. We offer affordable care

  3. Great accessibility – we can offer convenient appointments before work and some Saturdays

  4. We offer long appointments as standard so you will have plenty of time to ask questions and will never feel rushed


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