Tele-Abortion (or Abortion Online) is Medical Abortion at home, with the Abortion Pill, for women who can't easily access in-clinic abortion services

Tele-Abortion - which is medical abortion by tele-health - introduction by Dr Emma Boulton, Managing Director of Clinic 66 in Chatswood.
Our Tele-abortion service delivers the same safe, personal, compassionate and professional medical abortion care that Clinic 66 is renowned for, in the comfort and privacy of your own home ~ No need to visit the Clinic!

Tele-Abortion consists of three consultations (via video and/or phone) with experienced and skilled health professionals who will assess your situation, request the necessary tests, prescribe the relevant medications, guide you along the way and follow you up according to best practice.

Although Tele-Abortion is an effective and convenient alternative for early pregnancy termination (ie, under 9 weeks gestation), it is not without risk or discomfort. If you can get to our Clinic, it will be quicker, easier and cheaper to begin your medical abortion at the clinic (although it will still be completed at home). 


This is because if you attend the clinic, we will do the ultrasound and provide the medication on the same day. 

How does Tele-Abortion work?

  1. You complete the Suitability Test to ensure that you are suitable for Tele-Abortion.

  2. You book an appointment and then meet with one of our specialist consultants online at a time convenient for you.

  3. At your first appointment, which is a private fee of $90, the consultant will review your situation and provide you with an ultrasound request form, which you will have done locally. You will also be given access to the Tele-Abortion Online Consulting Room.

  4. At your second appointment, which is a private fee of $250, the consultant will review your test results, guide you through the medical abortion process and prescribe your medications, which you'll pick up or have couriered from an agreed dispensing pharmacy close to you.

  5. At the agreed time, you will take the first tablet, which interrupts the pregnancy. You can take this tablet anytime, but you should wear a sanity pad just in case. It is unlikely that you will experience any pain, but some women do bleed.

  6. Between 24 & 48 hours after the first tablet, you will take the second lot of 4 tablets which causes the uterus to contract and induces a miscarriage. You will experience cramping and bleeding (which can be severe) for up to 6 hours. In about 95% of cases, this completes the pregnancy termination process.  

    Pain does not usually continue beyond 6 hours, though bleeding may continue for two to three weeks.

  7. A follow-up assessment and an at-home urine pregnancy test is essential to ensure that the Medical abortion process is complete.

How much does it cost?


$90 when you book your initial consultation and

$250 when you book your second consultation

The MS2step medication is listed on the PBS and is quite affordable at approx $40 ($12 if you have a healthcare card). But if you do not have a medicare card, it is substantially more expensive (approx $300 without medicare).

You may also have to pay for your ultrasound. Prices vary, and medicare rebates do apply. If you hold a Medicare card, you may be able to negotiate 'bulk billing' from your local provider.

Unfortunately, there are no rebates from Medicare. If you are experiencing genuine financial difficulties, please discuss that with us at the time of registration. 

Note: If your medical abortion does not proceed, for any reason, or there are complications and further treatment is required, there is NO refund for the consultations provided. However, we will continue your care until you have a satisfactory outcome.

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Are you suitable for Tele-Abortion?

You are Eligable for Tele-Abortion if:

  • You are less than 9 weeks (63 days) pregnant

  • You are over 16

  • You live in Australia

  • You live within 2 hours of a 24hr hospital emergency department

  • You can speak and read English 

  • You have access to the internet

You are NOT Eligable if:
  • You are over 9 weeks pregnant or have an ectopic pregnancy

  • You are under 16

  • You live in South Australia (Tele-Abortion is illegal in SA)

  • You do not live within 2 hours of a hospital emergency department

  • You do not speak or read English

  • You have a bleeding disorder and/or taking anticoagulant medication

  • You are taking steroid medicines

  • You have adrenal gland problems

  • You have an IUD in your body

  • You are anaemic

  • You have an infection in your womb or fallopian tubes

  • You are not prepared to have a surgical procedure if needed


We are 100% committed to giving you the best possible care, and if you don't meet these criteria, we may not be able take care of you properly

We know that dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, but we're here to help and 100% support your choice. You're not alone!

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Note: The information provided in this service is intended to encourage, not replace, direct patient-health professional relationships

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