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Sexual Health

Sex is a great (and important) part of our overall mental and
physical health & wellbeing


Whether you have multiple partners or are in a monogamous relationship, same sex, hetero or otherwise, you want to make sure your sex life is as good as it can be; free from infection, comfortable and pleasurable.

Do you have symptoms that you’re worried about OR perhaps got 'lost in the moment' with a partner you're not sure about?


We can help with screenings, diagnosis and treatment, while giving you a clear explanation of what it all means.

Sexually transmitted infections are passed through skin to skin contact, some across mucosal membranes such as mouth, rectum ,vagina, and some through bodily fluids.


Depending on what kind of sex you have, and who you have sex with, there will be a variable risk of you having been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection.

Blood Test

Early diagnosis can help confirm or clear suspicions of sexually transmitted infections through our thorough STI/STD screening and treatment.

chlamydia screening clinic 66.jpg

Chlamydia is a common infection caused by a type of bacteria which is easily treated. Sometimes there are symptoms, but often there is not.


If you're not vaccinated against these virus' it's definitely worth-while considering. Both are very safe and rarely cause side effects.

Herpes - Clinic 66 STI Screening.jpg

Herpes is a common and easily managed infection with more than one in ten Australians carrying the virus

Serious Male Man

We can protect and help to prevent HIV infection, and as S100 prescribers, can treat those with the disease. 

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