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Dr Ellie Freedman

  • Sexual Health Physician

Dr Ellie Freedman_edited.jpg

Dr Ellie Freedman is a sexual health physician with expertise in STIs, genital dermatology and genital pain, and management of adult sexual assault and domestic violence. She is passionate about the provision of trauma informed specialist women’s health care.


She qualified in the UK in 1995 and has postgraduate qualifications from both UK and Australia in Sexual Health Medicine and Family Planning.


She has more than 20 years’ experience in the management of sexual and reproductive health and has a special interest in vulvo-vaginal conditions.

Ellie has also worked in medical education at Family Planning NSW and as a Staff Specialist in sexual assault at Royal North Shore Hospital. She is also an expert in management of sexual assault and domestic violence and is the NSW medical workforce advisor in Sexual Violence.


Special Skills:


  • Problematic vaginal discharge

  • Recurrent or problematic herpes or genital warts

  • Genital pain

  • Vulval Dermatology

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction

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