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Thrush, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and other common vulval & vaginal conditions

All that Itches is Not Thrush!!

Dr Lynne Wray, Clinic 66's Sexual Health Physician and Vulva & Vagina Expert, answers all those sticky, itchy, stingy, burny, smelly questions that we don't like to talk about... but most women will experience at some point.

  • What is Thrush?

  • How and Why do I keep getting it?

  • How do I treat it?

  • Should my partner be treated?

  • Why shouldn't I be worried about Group B Strep?

  • What's BV and why does it keep coming back


Lynne doesn't hold back. So if you have some questions around vulval and vaginal discomfort, there's a good chance you will find some valuable answers right here!

For more info, check out these comprehensive publications:
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FPNSW - Common Vaginal and Vulval Condit

You may be shy or embarrassed about bringing these issues up with your Doctor... but honestly, we see this every single day! Don't self-treat, make an appointment and let's get this sorted for you asap!

Last updated on 9/09/2020

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