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Our Accreditation & Why it Matters

At Clinic 66, we are 100% committed to providing healthcare of the highest possible quality


In health care, the way you demonstrate safety and quality of the services you provide is by undergoing accreditation with impartial bodies who measure and ensure your delivery and processes according to predefined standards.

We are proud to be accredited with:

The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards are a set of specific standards aimed at improving the safety and quality of health care in Australian health service organisations.


Royal Australian College of General practitioners as a General Practice and Extended skills training post

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HDAA as a Diagnostic Imaging Provider for the provision of gynaecological and early pregnancy ultrasounds

Achieving accreditation is a rigorous process that demands a strong commitment from our entire organisation, including our dedicated staff and clinicians. This ensures we provide top-tier healthcare.

Undergoing accreditation demonstrates our dedication to excellence in healthcare, justifying our slightly higher fees compared to non-accredited competitors. We believe you will recognise and appreciate the superior quality of care that this commitment ensures.

Clinic 66 is proudly accredited to multiple quality frameworks. Why do we go to these lengths? Because you, our patients, deserve nothing less! 


Clinic 66 operates under a distinctive model that doesn't neatly align with traditional health service delivery models in Australia. To maintain our high standards, we adhere to all relevant quality frameworks that apply to our operations, including:


Accredited General Practice 


Clinic 66 is accredited as a General Practice by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). This accreditation is crucial, as most of our doctors are General Practitioners capable of addressing all aspects of health.

Our holistic approach ensures we consider the complete spectrum of factors affecting our patients' wellbeing—including social, emotional, psychological, and physical elements. For managing conditions like menopause, pregnancy options, and chronic issues such as incontinence, osteoporosis, PCOS, and erectile dysfunction, it's essential to address both the broader context and the specific health concern.


Accredited for Diagnostic Imaging


Ultrasound plays a crucial role in our services, utilising advanced Sonosite equipment for detailed assessments in early pregnancy, IUD positioning, and post-abortion complications. We maintain our high standards through accreditation with the DIAS framework.


Accredited Teaching Practice 


Clinic 66 is an accredited teaching practice with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), specialising in extended skills training in Reproductive and Sexual Health for GP registrars. For over a decade, we have been actively involved in training the next generation of health professionals in this field. Additionally, we are accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ chapter of Sexual Health.

Despite being a small private practice, Clinic 66 is deeply committed to advancing the skills of future healthcare professionals in Reproductive and Sexual Health. We consistently exceed expectations in our training and educational efforts.

Accredited NSQHS Practice 

Clinic 66 maintains accreditation with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards by rigorously adhering to the required protocols that ensure safe, high-quality health care delivery, continuously evaluating and improving patient care processes, and engaging in regular audits to comply with the latest healthcare standards and regulations.

Infection Control


Before COVID-19, encouraging hand sanitiser use among our patients, and even health professionals, proved challenging. Regular audits and reminders were necessary to ensure compliance with annual training. The pandemic has heightened awareness and routine practice of hand hygiene for everyone.


Service Redesign


Clinic 66 serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop for anyone seeking professional assistance with reproductive and sexual health issues.

Our specialists and General Practitioners collaborate closely, ensuring shared management of each patient's care. This integration happens both onsite in Chatswood and through telehealth consultations, with potential rebates available or private offerings.

Our commitment to a seamless, integrated service model is unwavering. To manage high demand, we are also facilitating appointments at our satellite clinic. Appointments here are arranged when most convenient for you, based on availability.

Regardless of the location, we adhere to our rigorous quality framework, which involves staying updated with the latest medical research and applying it effectively for our patients. We set high standards, crafted primarily by our clinical and corporate governance teams, yet we highly value patient input.

We are actively developing new policies and encourage your involvement. If you wish to contribute, especially to our current projects on "patient handover" and "caring for vulnerable adults," please contact us at Your feedback is crucial in shaping our services.

Consumer Participation & Feedback

Consumer Participation 


We welcome and encourage our clients and their carers to give us feedback on all aspects of our service delivery. However, when we have convened group consumer participation groups in the past, it's been difficult to get attendance. You are all so busy! And many of our clients are one time users of the service. 


As a result we have taken to asynchronous meetings ie you can give us feedback at any time. Join our forum on quality and safety!  We encourage our clients to email us at or write with formal and direct communication. Many of our clients use social media - we’re on facebook and instagram or google reviews to provide feedback.

Consumer Representative Recruitment Promo.png



You told us and we listened! 


We actively seek feedback from our patients in multiple ways. Recently we have received the following feedback from our patients who have undergone procedures at our facility:


What went well 

  • Procedure well explained and patients felt well informed/able to ask questions 

  • Friendly, caring, non-judgmental, and professional team 

  • Streamlined, efficient and painless process 

  • Affordable price 

  • Contraceptive plus post care information given was thorough and informative 


Suggestions for improvement
  • CST member made patient feel anxious about procedure 

  • Waiting time too long 

  • Wasn't made aware it would be a male doctor 

  • Doctor does not follow up with patient in recovery once fully awake

  • No follow up call made post procedure 

  • Poor pain management post procedure 

  • Costs not outlined, patient was expecting a rebate 

  • Paperwork women-oriented in language (alienating as a trans patient)

In response to this, we have:
  1. Delivered training to the Customer Service Team about maintaining professional standards of behaviour. 

  2. Updated our policies on communication regarding when a male doctor will be working and providing quotes on costs and financial consent.

  3. Reviewed our supporting paperwork for Intrauterine Devices, to make the language used more gender neutral, in recognition that not all our clients identify as women. 

  4. Provided feedback to procedural doctors regarding following up patients prior to discharge.


We strive to meet your expectations and work to the highest standards. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always permit us to attend to non-urgent issues in a timely manner. We are a day surgery and emergencies inevitably occur during our lists. 


Keep it coming ! We want to hear from you. 

We Welcome Your Feedback

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Thank you for your feedback!

Last updated on 18/05/21

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