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Our Accreditation & Why it Matters

At Clinic 66, we are 100% committed to providing healthcare of the highest possible quality


In health care, the way you demonstrate safety and quality of the services you provide is by undergoing accreditation with impartial bodies who measure and ensure your delivery and processes according to predefined standards.

We are proud to be accredited with:

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Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare as a Day Surgery (the national standards)


Royal Australian College of General practitioners as a General Practice and Extended skills training post

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HDAA as a Diagnostic Imaging Provider for the provision of gynaecological and early pregnancy ultrasounds

Accreditation to these standards is a complex and demanding process which requires organisational commitment, team work and dedication on behalf of the staff and clinicians to commit to the provision of healthcare to the highest standards.


The demonstration of excellence in healthcare, by undergoing accreditation, is not cheap and it is not easy. It requires an organisation to go the extra mile. That is why the fees charged at Clinic 66 can be slightly higher than those of our competitors who are not accredited. However we feel you will appreciate that quality does not come cheaply.

Clinic 66 is proudly accredited to multiple quality frameworks. Why do we bother? Because our patients are worth it! 


Clinic 66 operates under a unique model which doesn’t easily fit into any health service delivery model in Australia. That’s why we ensure we conform to all related quality frameworks that apply to us, such as;


Accredited Day Surgery


Meeting National Standards for Quality and Safety as a Day Surgery. This is the same quality framework that hospitals, private and public work towards. It’s a lot of work for a small private clinic, but we know its worth it for our client’s sake and reassurance. 


Accredited General Practice 


Clinic 66 is accredited as a General Practice with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).


This accreditation is important because most of our doctors are General Practitioners, and therefore able to deal with all aspects of health..


Our approach is holistic, which means we consider all aspects that contribute to our patients wellbeing, including social, emotional, psychological and physical. For issues such as menopause, pregnancy options and chronic conditions such as incontinence, osteoporosis, PCOS and erectile dysfunction, it’s really important to think broadly and manage the 'context' as well as the specific issue. 


Accredited for Diagnostic Imaging


Ultrasound is vital to our work, and we use state of the art Sonosite equipment to evaluate early pregnancy, IUD position and post-abortion complications. We are accredited to the DIAS framework. 


Accredited Teaching Practice 


Accredited with AGPT and GP Synergy, we have been taking registrars in extended skills (Reproductive and Sexual Health) for GP registrars for over 10 years. Clinic 66 is also accredited with the Royal College of Physicians chapter of Sexual Health. 

Though we're a small private practice, Clinic 66 is 100% committed to upskilling the future workforce of health professionals working in Reproductive and Sexual Health. We punch above our weight!

Infection Control


Prior to COVID 19 we had a hard time encouraging our patients to use hand sanitiser. Even health professionals needed to be audited and prompted to do annual training. Now we are all a lot more familiar with the routine and hand hygiene!  


As an accredited day surgery we meet the highest standards for Infection Prevention and Control as specified by the National Commission on Quality and Safety. 


Service Redesign


We are truly a one stop shop for anyone requiring professional help with reproductive and sexual health issues.


Our specialists and General Practitioners work together, communicating and sharing the management of individual patients. This can be done by visiting our facility in Chatswood or making an appointment for a telehealth consultation (rebates may apply or offered privately).


This model is core to our service and will never change.  However, due to exceptional demand, we are offering appointments at our satellite clinic in St Leonards. You will be offered an appointment here if it suits you and we are available. 


For whichever location we work from, we adhere to our rigorous quality framework. This means keeping up to date with the latest medical evidence and making it relevant for our patient base . We set the bar high and are committed to maintaining those standards. Mostly our standards and policies are created by our clinical and corporate governance teams, but we want our clients to have a say!


We are constantly developing and creating new policies and if you would like to get involved, please email us at 


Current policies which are in development, that we need your input for, are “patient handover” and “caring for vulnerable adults”. 

Consumer Participation & Feedback

Consumer Participation 


We welcome and encourage our clients and their carers to give us feedback on all aspects of our service delivery. However, when we have convened group consumer participation groups in the past, it's been difficult to get attendance. You are all so busy! And many of our clients are one time users of the service. 


As a result we have taken to asynchronous meetings ie you can give us feedback at any time. Join our forum on quality and safety!  We encourage our clients to email us at or write with formal and direct communication. Many of our clients use social media - we’re on facebook and instagram or google reviews to provide feedback.

Consumer Representative Recruitment Promo.png



You told us and we listened! 


We actively seek feedback from our patients in multiple ways. Recently we have received the following feedback from our patients who have undergone procedures at our facility:


What went well 

  • Procedure well explained and patients felt well informed/able to ask questions 

  • Friendly, caring, non-judgmental, and professional team 

  • Streamlined, efficient and painless process 

  • Affordable price 

  • Contraceptive plus post care information given was thorough and informative 


Suggestions for improvement
  • CST member made patient feel anxious about procedure 

  • Waiting time too long 

  • Wasn't made aware it would be a male doctor 

  • Doctor does not follow up with patient in recovery once fully awake

  • No follow up call made post procedure 

  • Poor pain management post procedure 

  • Costs not outlined, patient was expecting a rebate 

  • Paperwork women-oriented in language (alienating as a trans patient)

In response to this, we have:
  1. Delivered training to the Customer Service Team about maintaining professional standards of behaviour. 

  2. Updated our policies on communication regarding when a male doctor will be working and providing quotes on costs and financial consent.

  3. Reviewed our supporting paperwork for Intrauterine Devices, to make the language used more gender neutral, in recognition that not all our clients identify as women. 

  4. Provided feedback to procedural doctors regarding following up patients prior to discharge.


We strive to meet your expectations and work to the highest standards. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always permit us to attend to non-urgent issues in a timely manner. We are a day surgery and emergencies inevitably occur during our lists. 


Keep it coming ! We want to hear from you. 

We Welcome Your Feedback

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Thank you for your feedback!

Last updated on 18/05/21

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