Our Accreditation & Why it Matters

At Clinic 66, we are 100% committed to providing healthcare of the highest possible quality


In health care, the way you demonstrate safety and quality of the services you provide is by undergoing accreditation with impartial bodies who measure and ensure your delivery and processes according to predefined standards.

We are proud to be accredited with:

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Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare as a Day Surgery (the national standards)


Royal Australian College of General practitioners as a General Practice and Extended skills training post

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HDAA as a Diagnostic Imaging Provider for the provision of gynaecological and early pregnancy ultrasounds

Accreditation to these standards is a complex and demanding process which requires organisational commitment, team work and dedication on behalf of the staff and clinicians to commit to the provision of healthcare to the highest standards.


The demonstration of excellence in healthcare, by undergoing accreditation, is not cheap and it is not easy. It requires an organisation to go the extra mile. That is why the fees charged at Clinic 66 can be slightly higher than those of our competitors who are not accredited.


However we feel you will appreciate that quality does not come cheaply.


Abortion care in Australia and New South Wales in particular is a stigmatised area of medicine. People find it difficult to talk about, and politicians avoid the subject because it is so controversial.


We as a society need to provide safe and affordable access to all women. Currently, the most vulnerable women are the ones who find it most difficult to access abortion care.


In New South Wales, because abortion care has been neglected by Modern Law Reform, there is no scrutiny of the care provided by providers of abortion care. And although there is generally a good standard of service provision within NSW, we at Clinic 66 feel strongly that we want to be the best. We are proud to demonstrate that we adhere to the highest possible standards of healthcare provision


Unfortunately even though provision of abortion care is supported by the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists there is still no formal training pathway for specialists or procedural General Practitioners.


Across Australia, abortion care is not easily accessed. In hospitals and other facilities supported by religious organisations, it is strictly forbidden to provide these services, and in some Catholic hospitals they will not even allow the insertion or prescription of contraceptives.


Abortion care in NSW is practically non-existent within the public sector.