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Would you like to become a Consumer Representative for Clinic 66?

Join our team! We are looking for someone to represent our client's views and help us be the best!

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At Clinic 66, we are 100% committed to providing 'patient centred' healthcare of the highest possible quality. And working closely with consumer representatives is an important factor in achieving this.

Consumer representatives are people who provide Clinic 66 with a patient, carer and/or community perspective to assist us in decision-making, service planning and improvement. These include people who currently use our health services such as patients and their carers and families.



We exist for our clients. We pride ourselves on doing the best job that we can. We want to know that we are hitting the mark. As healthcare professionals we think we know what's best but we need to check in with our clients to ensure we are all on the same page. 




You are or have been a client/patient or have been a carer/support person for someone visiting our Clinic 66 for a procedure. You can communicate effectively and are willing to provide us feedback from a consumer's perspective on our service.


You should be familiar with modern technology, such as smartphones, as we use a lot of this in our current service and will likely use more in the future. 


What's involved? 


After being appointed as a Consumer Representative, you will need to be available for comment approximately twice per year on issues relating to quality . We will send you a brief Quality report annually. Having read this you may have questions about the way we deliver services and we would like you to give us feedback on how we are doing. All in all, it's probably about 4 hours work per year, and after the induction, can be done remotely ie you dont need to come to the clinic in Chatswood; we’ll talk with you on the phone. 


How does it work? 


If you are interested, please complete the application form below. This is a voluntary position and therefore unpaid. However, it is very important work as you will be helping us provide a better service to our clients.

If you are suitable, we will  contact you for an informal interview, probably on a video call.


If successful, we will ask you to provide the following information:

  • 100 point ID check

  • Signed confidentiality agreement ( agreeing that any information shared with you will remain confidential)

  • National Criminal Record Check consent( non child related)


Once appointed, we will invite you to the clinic in person, for an orientation and induction. 


What happens next? 


Please submit the application form.  Our email is We’ll be in touch!

Consumer Representative Application Form

Are you willing to be contacted by Clinic 66 at least twice per year to provide feedback on clinic activity and new initiatives?
Are you willing to undertake this role on a voluntary (unpaid) basis?

Thank you for your application. We'll be in touch!

Last updated on 21/04/22

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