Surgical Abortion 


Surgical Abortion is a quick, simple, reliable and safe method of unplanned pregnancy termination .

The pregnancy tissue is gently removed from the uterus by a qualified and experienced procedural doctor. It is an uncomplicated procedure which takes about 10-15 minutes.​

Surgical termination is performed under twilight sedation, so you feel no pain and have no memory of the procedure.



Performed between 6-17 weeks of pregnancy. The cut off date will depend on whether you have had a previous vaginal delivery.

Requires a more complex, longer procedure after 12 weeks of pregnancy. 




We are a private clinic but in order to make our services more accessible to patients, Clinic 66 will bill some of the costs directly to Medicare. These item numbers are associated with your procedure and will be paid directly to the clinic. However please note Medicare cardholders will still be charged an out of pocket private fee, which is non-rebateable. 

*Please note if you are 12 weeks or over the price is determined on a case by case basis. 


If you do not have a medicare card the out of pocket expense will be higher.

If you chose to have contraception at the time of your procedure, this is an additional cost.


For further information on pricing, and an accurate quote, please call the Clinic to speak to our reception team. 

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Surgical abortion is a low risk procedure with a high success rate. ​

   We do suggest that you consider having a long-acting reversible method of contraception fitted at the same time, which is both convenient and cost effective for you.

What to
  • The procedure is performed in our quality assured day surgery with 2 doctors caring for you

  • We will give you intravenous /conscious sedation (twilight)

  • The pregnancy tissue is gently suctioned from the uterus using a small plastic tube

  • The procedure generally takes 10-15 minutes but you will be in our clinic for a total of approximately 3 hours (including recovery time)

  • You will need to take a dose of antibiotics at home (we will give you a prescription)

  • You may only require one clinic visit

Support & Recovery
  • It is ideal to have a support person to accompany you to the clinic and take you home after the procedure

  • You are unable to drive 24 hours after sedation

  • Afterwards, you will remain in our recovery room with ongoing nursing care until you have fully recovered and are able to go home

Side effects & complications
  • You may feel tired/vague for the rest of the day, which is because of  the sedation we use.

  • You may experience bleeding and mild cramping, lasting less than 2 weeks (similar to a period).

  • Complications are very rare but may include bleeding, infection or a need for further surgery.

  • Our nurses and doctors can provide you with more information about risks and complications.

How to prepare for the day

  • What to bring

  • Preparation for your procedure

  • On arrival at the clinic

  • After the procedure

  • Getting home

  • Post abortion recovery

Surgical Abortion FAQ's

  • Is it legal for me to have an abortion?

  • Do I need a referral?

  • Can you terminate after 20 weeks?

  • Is it safe?

  • Will I still be able to have children?

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