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Four new tele-health doctors @ Clinic66

Since introducing our telehealth offering during the Covid 19 lockdown last year, this new way of consulting has been growing in popularity as more and more people realize the ease and simplicity that telehealth consultations delivers. In fact, it's become so popular, that we've appointed four new passionate and dedicated telehealth GPs who are working remotely from different locations around Australia.

There is a bit of a preconception that if you visit the sexual health doctor you'll definitely need to pull down your pants! This is NOT TRUE, and you'd be surprised at how much we can do in a telehealth consultation. Yes, you may need to visit your closest pathology and/or imaging practice for some further testing, but we don't necessarily need to touch you in order to diagnose and treat you. At present, unfortunately Medicare will not provide rebates for telehealth appointments unless you have visited Clinic 66 in person within the past 12 months. But we're working with other like-minded organizations to lobby for change, and we encourage you to add your voice to this message.

If you're in a position where telehealth is a 'necessary' option for you to access the care you need, and you're willing to share your story (anonymously is ok), please send us a message via the contact form below ;)

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