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Celebrating Women's Health Week and Two Years of empowering women's health at

We're thrilled to mark two incredible years of Clinic 66 Online's journey in revolutionising women's sexual and reproductive healthcare in Australia. Borne out of an urgent need during the Covid lockdowns, the demand for accessible, high-quality women's health services by Telehealth has soared, prompting us to gear up for exponential expansion.

Our Impact is Bridging the Healthcare Gap

Clinic 66 Online has made an extraordinary impact by offering accessible and affordable women's healthcare via telehealth to the women of Australia. We're breaking down barriers and providing specialised expertise that is often out of reach for far too many Australian women.

Dr. Emma Boulton, Founder and Director of Clinic 66 and Clinic 66 Online, is passionate about addressing the shortage of specialised women's health GPs in Australia. She firmly believes that every woman should have access to quality healthcare, regardless of where she lives. Clinic 66 Online was born from this vision, with a mission to make high quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all Australian women.

A Nationwide Women's Health Movement

The scarcity of specialised women's health GPs has left women, whether in cities or remote areas, facing challenges in accessing essential care. Clinic 66 Online fills this gap by connecting women with a network of professional and dedicated Women's Health GPs who possess the expertise and qualifications needed to provide exceptional care.

More Than Just Telehealth

We're not just a telehealth clinic; we're a nationwide movement that empowers women by connecting them with some of the best Women's Health GPs in Australia. Our doctors all have specialised interests, continuous training, and post-graduate qualifications in women's reproductive and sexual health.

Breaking Down Barriers

Through our secure telehealth platform, we break down barriers of time and location, ensuring women can access specialised care from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. While some consultations may still require physical examinations, our patients are often surprised at just how much we can achieve via telehealth.

Accessible Care for All Women

Clinic 66 Online addresses a wide range of women's health concerns, from menstrual issues to reproductive health, STIs, contraception, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, unplanned pregnancy and more. No referral is needed, and appointments are usually available within a week. Most appointment types are eligible for Medicare rebates.

Empower Yourself or Someone You Care About

To experience the transformative power of Clinic 66 Online for women's health, it's as easy as a few clicks. Visit our website at to find out more and book an appointment. You can access specialised care from any internet-enabled device, taking control of your health from the comfort of your home.

Join us in celebrating two years of empowering women's healthcare. Here's to many more years of making quality healthcare accessible to all women in Australia.

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