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Choosing the Right Contraception can be Life Changing

We spend a lot of our lives trying NOT to get pregnant, and therefore contraception is a necessity that we must consider quite early in our adult lives (usually in our teens).

We find that many women just accept the first contraceptive option that has been prescribed to them, and unless there's a serious problem, are not made aware of the various options available to them.

But finding the right contraceptive is a bit like finding that 'perfect' outfit - what works for one woman, may not work for another. And what works today, might not work next year!

Modern contraception can be tailored to your needs and personal circumstances. It depends on your past medical history, your lifestyle and your reproductive history. It comes in many forms and it can also be "multi-tasking".

In this video, Dr Emma Boulton discusses the contraceptive services available via Clinic 66's online telehealth outreach at

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