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Period Problems? We have Solutions at Clinic 66 Online!

You would be forgiven for believing that you'll likely need a 'hands on' appointment for dealing with your painful periods and/or heavy menstrual bleeding.

But just like the old fashioned idea that we should 'expect' to suffer at least once a month just because we're women ("thanks Grandma"!), it's time to dispel the idea that a "women's health" appointment will necessarily end up on stirrups!

In answer to the call that the current covid lockdowns have made louder, we've launched our National Women's "TeleHealth" Clinic - Clinic 66 Online, to coincide with Women's Health Week in Australia.

Clinic 66 Online provides a range of Medicare rebated women's health consultations with expert women's health practitioners which you can access securely from anywhere via your computer or smartphone. No referral required!

Our highly experienced, multi-disciplined 'ALL women' team cover many aspects of women's sexual & reproductive health diagnosis, prevention and treatment via telehealth including:

  • Chronic conditions such as endometriosis and pcos

  • Contraception

  • Unplanned pregnancy including medical termination

  • Menopause & healthy aging

  • Incontinence

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection

  • Menstrual issues including PMDD

  • Subfertility workup pre IVF

  • Second Opinion service

Today, Dr Emma Boulton discusses briefly how we can help women all over Australia with their menstruation issues.

Visit: to find out more. We think you’ll be surprised at what we can do by Telehealth!

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