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Important Information for

  International Telehealth Clients

Health services vary widely between countries. This variability includes access to diagnostic services such as pathology and imaging, pharmaceuticals , health care professionals and hospitals. Fortunately, the human body remains the same (broadly speaking). 


The medical approach that is used by our service is provided by Australian doctors, and the advice provided reflects the modern day approach to diagnosis and management of conditions, currently used by Australian general practitioners and specialists, based on the best international medical evidence .  All our doctors have special skills, qualifications and experience in women's health. 


Our doctors will make every effort to assist you with diagnosis and management of your issue, but have no control over access, or the costs associated with health service delivery in the country where you reside. 


You need to speak English fluently, when accessing this service, so that we may communicate with you effectively. Some of our doctors speak other languages, so if you prefer to have your consultation in a specific language, please let us know. 


All time zones for appointments are shown in AEST time (UTC/GMT + 10 hrs ). It is your responsibility to adjust your own diary to match that of the appointment time provided. 

If you need to arrange an appointment at a specific time, please email us on and we will make all efforts to accommodate your request.

International Telehealth Clients
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