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Clinic66 is a unique procedural medical practice located in Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore. We specialise in reproductive and sexual health.

Clinic 66 combines a multi-disciplined team comprising of specialised GPs, specialists, and allied health staff, who all work together to provide a holistic, excellent, and affordable service to our clients.  More >>>

As most of our doctors are specialised GPs, you do not need a referral to see us.
Just call (02) 9411 3411 to make an appointment.

Are You Menopausal & Experiencing Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms such as Dryness, Painful Intercourse, Stress Incontinence or Frequent Bladder Infections?


It’s Time to Take Control and Get Empowered!


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We offer services that promote and ensure women's health, including gynaecological services, STD and cervical cancer screening, advice and treatment for menopause symptoms, menstrual and contraceptive issues and much more.

The Team

Dr Emma Boulton

Dr Emma Boulton

(consultation, procedures, sedation)

Emma is the Founder and Director of Clinic 66. She is passionate about removing the stigma around sexual health for women and men of all backgrounds and has built Clinic 66 to be a non-judgmental, holistic, patient-centred practice. Emma has extensive experience as a medical practitioner and educator, and takes a dedicated hands-on approach at Clinic 66. She proudly works alongside her team as a consultant, GP, procedurist, sedationist, and more.

Our Doctors

Clinic 66 has a multidisciplinary team of female and male GPs and specialists in all aspects of reproductive and sexual health. We consist of gynaecologists, radiologists, sexual health specialists, and much more, all of whom undertake consulting and/or procedural work with Clinic 66. Our team’s experience in dealing with reproductive and sexual health means they are uniquely positioned to deal with a range of associated concerns, including mental health, lifestyle factors, cardiovascular problems, and more.


Sexual Health

Clinic 66 aims to ensure your sexual health through Chlamydia and STI/STD screening, Herpes screening, HPV/HEPB Immunisation, infertility advice, PrEP, and other procedures that promote reproductive health and sexual wellbeing.

Family Planning

We offer a comprehensive and integrated family planning service, including unplanned pregnancy & termination, advice on contraception and birth control, infertility help and infertility treatment advice, fertility solutions, vasectomy counselling and procedure, and so much more.

With expertise in the treatment of sexual health issues affecting men, we provide safe and effective solutions for STI screening and treatment, erectile dysfunction, vasectomy, HIV prescribing (S100), PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and more.

Latest Articles

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  • ●    05 Oct 2018

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