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Our multi-disciplined specialist team cover all aspects of sexual & reproductive health, in a quality assured & accredited practice.

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With over 20 years in practice, we've seen it all. No question too hard. No issue too strange. Your confidentiality is 100% respected and assured. 

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We're open Mon - Sat, 8am till 6pm. Appointment preferred but wait times limited.  Tele-appointments available (video or phone) for some services.

Covid 19 Safety at Clinic 66

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One-Stop Integrated Sexual Health Clinic in Chatswood, Sydney

for all your sexual and reproductive health needs and concerns

Meet Dr Emma Boulton, Clinic 66 Director, Founder and passionate advocate for changing the way we view sexual health.


Dr Emma Boulton gives a brief and welcoming introduction to Clinic 66

Sex & the reproductive system is a very natural part of being human, but our culture has labelled it dirty and a taboo subject. People are afraid to talk about their 'boys bits' or 'girl bits' and quite often they suffer silently until it becomes so unbearable that they finally come in to see us. And usually, they wish they had have dealt with whatever it might be weeks, months and even years earlier!

Taking care of all your sexual and

reproductive health needs & concerns

Medical & Surgical​

Our facilities and procedures only pale to the understanding, compassion and caring of our team.  We know it's tough.

Menopause Treatment at Clinic 66
Menopause & ​ Anti-Aging

No woman's journey is the same, & one size fits all never works. We offer many options, including MonaLisa Touch.

Gynaecological Services at Clinic 66
Women's Health
& Gynaecology

Being a woman can be hard at times and no one likes to visit the Gyno! We get it, & we aim to make it as easy as possible

Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening and Treatment at Clinic 66
Sexually Transmitted
Infection (STD)

Discreet, comprehensive, understanding and non judgmental testing & treatment.
It is always better to know. 

Contraception Services at Clinic 66

Effective contraception is critical and it needs to be right for you. We cover all bases including both hormonal & Copper IUD insertion .

Infertility doctors at Clinic 66

Yes, it's natural, but some people just need a little helping hand. Don't rush into IVF, let's check all the boxes first!

No Scalpel Vasectomy at Clinic 66

Our 'snip' is a no scalpel technique, proven to have the least risk of side effects or complications. Easy Peasy!

Erectile Dysfunction

Can't get it up? Low libido? Premature ejaculation? Whatever the problem, we can work it out together. Life is too short!

Family Planning and Shared Antenatal Care at Clinic 66
Shared Antenatal​

Looking for a professional yet affordable, low intervention way to prepare for the delivery of your baby?

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