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Women's Health Week 2019

Through this important annual event, the Jean Hailes national women's health organisation invites women to take the lead on their health. This week is an important reminder for women to look after themselves and take positive action for their health and wellbeing.

We're loving the practical information and resources coming from Jean Hailes for Women's Health Week 2019!

If you haven't been there yet, we definitely recommend visiting their Women's Health Week website for valuable women's health information, tools and tips (updated every day this week), covering many of the important health topics that women should be aware of at different stages of their life. You can still sign up to receive daily updates via your email!

And, if you live or work in the Chatswood area, why not register to attend our free women's health event on Thursday 5th September at 6.30pm in Chatswood!? Click here to find out more >>>

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