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We're bringing bulk billed vasectomy to Dubbo for World Vasectomy Day!

To help celebrate and support the global World Vasectomy Day movement, we've joined forces with Family Planning NSW to bring a bulk-billed vasectomy service to Dubbo on 19 and 20 November 2020.

Although approximately 1 in 4 Australian men over the age of 40 have had a vasectomy, there are still myths and misconceptions around the procedure, which may deter some men from having a vasectomy. Ideas such as "it will take away my manhood", "it will affect my virility", "I won't be able to ejaculate" and others are simply not true.

Compared to sterilisation in a woman, vasectomy is a very quick (30 mins), easy and inexpensive procedure that can be done in the clinic under local anaesthetic, without the hassle and expense of a hospital inpatient stay. It is one of the safest and most effective forms of permanent contraception and a great way for a man to take over the responsibility of family planning (which is generally left in the hands of the woman).

The Dubbo outreach event is the brainchild of Dr Emma Boulton, who approached Family Planning NSW with the idea following our 2019 participation in the inspirational World Vasectomy Day movement. The concept was enthusiastically received and supported and the co-sponsored partnership was formed.

Dr Boulton will be conducting the procedures at the FPNSW Dubbo clinic alongside other Clinic 66 and Family Planning NSW doctors, nurses and support staff. Our brave country boys will be in very good hands.

Beginning on November 14, the 8th annual World Vasectomy Day movement will host a week-long global ‘vasectomy-a-thon’ in 30 countries around the world. With a goal of engaging 10,000 men to undergo a vasectomy.

If you'd like to join the 2020 movement and "snip up" with 10,000 other responsible men, all bookings made between now and Nov 20 will be counted.

Check out our Vasectomy FAQs

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