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Top Q&As about Pelvic Pain from our Clinic 66 Online TeleHealth Doctors

In this quick Q&A for Women's Health Week, Clinic 66 Online's Dr Miranda Bradley discusses why period pain that doesn't respond to over the counter analgesics (eg. paracetamol or ibuprofen) should not be ignored.

Dr Miranda touches on why undiagnosed endometriosis can not only rob women of their life quality, but can cause undesirable long term damage.

She also outlines how telehealth is a convenient and affective way to get the ball rolling on diagnosis and treatment.

Clinic 66 Online is now serving quality healthcare by telehealth to Australian women 'everywhere'. And just like Clinic 66, the Clinic 66 Online medical team are all professional women's health GP's who are trained and focused and passionate about women's specific health needs.

No referral required (but happy to receive GP referrals). Medicare rebates apply for most consultations. Wait times are currently limited.

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