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Dr Lynne Wray, Specialist Sexual Health GP is now available via Telehealth Consultation

Dr Lynne Wray is a highly respected Sexual Health Physician who specialises in Women's Reproductive health.

She provides colposcopy services at Clinic 66 and consults mainly in her special interest area of vulvovaginal conditions. For these issues, a face to face appointment will be required. However, Lynne also consults via telehealth on all aspects of sexual health including:

  • HIV medicine

  • Vulval Pain

  • Management of difficult Herpes

  • General STI information

  • Recurrent vaginal discharge

These consults do have a Medicare rebate applicable, and will need a GP referral (which Clinic 66 can provide in-house for you). Lynne is only available on Wednesday mornings till 1pm and availability is limited.

If you would like to consult Lynne with the convenience and privacy of telehealth, we would recommend that you call Maddie on 02 9411 3411 asap or click the button below to make an appointment.

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