Pregnancy Termination (Abortion)

Strip away any religious or societal judgement regarding abortion, and you are left with a difficult decision. This decision is always hardest for the woman who has to take the courageous step of terminating a pregnancy. At Clinic 66 you can be 100% assured of an excellent, caring, supportive experience.

It has always been the case, that if a woman feels unable to continue with a pregnancy, she will seek to terminate it. There will always be a need to allow women to make this tough decision and access safe, affordable abortion delivered by highly trained health professionals.

Our aim at Clinic 66 is to support the woman in her choice, give her the best care possible and support her to make decisions including those about future contraception.

Termination of pregnancy can be medical (using tablets) or surgical (brief surgical procedure and a light anaesthetic). For more information about the pros and cons of medical versus surgical termination, please see our Factsheet on Medical vs Surgical termination.

Surgical termination of pregnancy is undertaken on a procedural day at our day surgery facility in Chatswood, on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. For women with later pregnancies, up to 20 weeks, you will need to discuss with us first, before making an appointment.

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