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Gone are the days when women (and men) over 50 were considered old and incapable. At Clinic 66 we believe that good reproductive and sexual health is essential to your overall health and wellbeing.

Everyone is entitled to a healthy sex life, regardless of age…50 is the new 30!

Screening and prevention: bones, heart, and bowel/breast/cervical cancer

For women, menopause is a perfect the time to take stock and understand how to reduce risk for a number of common conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. Any of our doctors will happily talk with you, helping you choose the best approach to menopause, as well as bone health (prevention and management of osteoporosis), and cardiovascular health. Cervical cancer screening is recommended up to the age of 70 yrs. Breast and bowel cancer screening is recommended for women over 50 years or before if they have a significant family history.

We undertake “Well women” checks and can help identify any risk factors you might have for problems down the track.

Mental Health

Mood changes can occur at time of menopause and these may relate to hormonal adjustment, or they may relate to other life events such as teenage children, elderly parents, work dilemmas or relationship difficulties. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are extremely common, but easy to hide. Let us help you work out the best way for you with dealing with your depression or anxiety. Exercise, talking therapies (including computerised CBT) and medication are all effective. As GPs we can look after you with a Mental Health Care Plan, which means that Medicare will subsidise part of your treatment (if you have a Medicare card).

Urinary Incontinence and Prolapse

If you have poor pelvic floor tone or urinary incontinence (urge or stress or mixed) we can help improve your quality of life with individualised management. There are surgical and non-surgical approaches to urinary incontinence, and in order to work out which is best for you, we need to see you for an assessment. Our doctors may need to organise some further investigations. For management, a non-surgical approach may be all that you need. Sometimes medication is required. As a last resort to get your quality of life back, the only option might be surgical, but if this is what you need, don’t be afraid! We will help you every step of the way.

Pelvic floor disorders which give rise to pain and/or prolapse can respond well to non-surgical approaches such as pelvic floor physiotherapy. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises can be supervised by a specialist pelvic floor physiotherapist or one of our doctors together with a biofeedback device which can be bought online.

Maintaining a Good Sex Life

Women and men of all ages can have issues or problems with their sex life. It is not just older people! Depending on the cause, we can help get this aspect of your life back to where you want to be.

It is uncommon for one sexual problem to occur in isolation. And sometimes its important to get partners involved too. That’s why its important you see one of our specialised GPs to assist in working out the best approach, and it might include counselling, pelvic floor rehabilitation, menopause management, or Mona Lisa Touch treatment. Many factors need to be taken into consideration when managing sexual dysfunction, and addressed, including physical and psychological aspects.

Women with low libido may respond to testosterone replacement, but this is part of a multi faceted treatment regime for sexual dysfunction. Come and discuss with one of our doctors whether it might be good for you.


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