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Whether it be contraception, fertility advice, hormonal problems, difficulties with menstruation, uplanned pregnancy, breast symptoms, sexual dysfunction, bladder leakage or menopause, women have very specific health issues. There are a number of female cancers which worry you, such as ovarian, endometrial or breast cancer.


Early detection and diagnosis are key to easily treating diseases that affect women’s health. We offer gynaecological services, STI/STD screenings, cervical cancer screening and more.


Clinic 66 offers gynaecological services that include infertility workup, contraceptive counselling, incontinence management and so much more.

Menstrual Problems

We offer different strategies to help you deal with menstrual problems, including an ultrasound scan to test for endometriosis, basic blood tests to check for anaemia, advice for going on a pill, and so much more.


Clinic 66 takes the guesswork out of identifying what is making you ill, weak, or stressed out through a series of tests and screenings. The answer you need is just a test away.

STI/STD Screenings and Treatment

As a women’s sexual health clinic, we offer different tests and screenings to diagnose STI or STD, such as herpes, chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhoea, genital warts, and other sexually transmitted infections.

Cervical Cancer Screening and Management

Our cervical cancer screening is designed to help detect early changes in cervical cells and includes Pap and HPV tests. We also provide HPV vaccination.


Ageing gracefully and problem-free is every woman’s goal, and there are ways to ensure age-related and menopausal concerns don’t get in the way of achieving this.


We offer interventions to help manage menopausal symptoms, such as Menopausal Hormone Treatment, laser vaginal treatments, comprehensive risk assessment.

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