Sexual Health

Sex is a great part of our lives. We need to ensure our sexual health, as we do with our physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you have multiple partners or are in a monogamous relationship, same sex or hetero, you want to make sure your sex life is as good as it can be; free from infection, comfortable and pleasurable. It is worth considering these things;

Sexual Health Checks

Keep sexual and reproductive health in top shape through preventative measures from Clinic 66, including screening for Chlamydia, STI/STDs, and other sexually transmitted infections.

STI/STD Screening

Clinic 66 performs STI/STD screenings and internal examination to diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections and diseases before they get serious.

HPV/HEPB Immunisation

We offer Hep B screening as part of our sexual health check as well as inject Hep B and HPV vaccines over a six-month interval to ensure your protection.


Early diagnosis can help confirm or clear suspicions of sexually transmitted infections through STI/STD screening and herpes screening that Clinic 66 offers.


We carry out Chlamydia testing as part of a sexual health screen for infection or consultation. Clinic 66 also diagnose, treat, and counsel for Chlamydia.

Herpes Screening

Clinic 66 offers full herpes screening to diagnose the presence of a herpes infection, along with the appropriate treatment.

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