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Mirena insertion — a personal experience…

By Amanda Mulcahy - A Clinic 66 Client's personal experience

After discussing contraception options with my doctor, I decided to have a Mirena inserted.

The next step was to book in the procedure, and I decided to have the Mirena inserted under sedation, because I could! I don't think anyone really likes any of those gynaecological things being done, and if I don't have to endure that, why would I?

The only thing left to think about was what should I expect? I wanted to hear from women that had gone through the experience themselves to give me an idea of what I should expect, so I decided to turn to my dear friend ‘Google’ to see what I could uncover.

Like with many things, the terrible experiences and stories seem to have way more limelight than the positive. I commenced the journey of wading through reams of stories of how much it hurt to have the Mirena inserted and all the possible side effects known to man!

Well this certainly didn’t make me feel at ease, apart from my decision to have the Mirena inserted whilst under sedation, as it sounded as though the procedure was most unpleasant to endure whilst awake, even with the aid of painkillers.

On the day of the procedure I was of course nervous, but I was quickly made to feel at ease by the warm and welcoming staff at the clinic, and before I knew it, it was all over and done with! The procedure was very quick and I was waking up in recovery in next to no time, and soon after was discharged home.

That afternoon and evening I did experience some period type cramping and light bleeding but nothing painkillers couldn’t ease.

For the first two weeks, I lightly spotted on and off but the period pain had disappeared.

I have now had the Mirena inserted for 3 months and it has been the best contraception decision that I have ever made! I no longer experience bleeding (3 months without bleeding), monthly period pains, and even my mood swings have gone.

My skin is now the best that it has been for a long time, as I no longer experience the pimples that I got whilst taking the contraceptive pill.

Apart from the light spotting when I first had the Mirena inserted, I have had no other side effects. I no longer have to remember to take a pill every day and my endometriosis has also almost disappeared because I don't get my monthly bleeds.

The Mirena has only positively affected my life and it has also been great for my sex life, as I no longer have to worry about getting pregnant or avoid sex due to monthly bleeding.

If you do decide to have the Mirena inserted, I would recommend having the procedure whilst under sedation to avoid any pain or discomfort.

If you are contemplating having the Mirena, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Everyone is different and their experiences differ but I can only go from my experience, which has been a very positive one.

When I have the Mirena removed in 5 years, I will be having it done under sedation, as I will be having another Mirena inserted straight away!

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