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From male infertility to compromised immune systems due to diabetes, heart failure, and COPD, men are as vulnerable to a wide range of diseases as women. Clinic 66 specialises in men’s sexual and reproductive health and offers screenings and treatments.

Screening and Procedures

Strive not to be part of the statistics and find ways to live longer and disease-free through STD/STI screenings, vasectomy and erectile dysfunction advice, and more.


We offer vasectomy procedures carried out by qualified and experienced doctors as well as options for when you change your mind.

STD/STI Screening

Our STI/STD screening can be done through swab, urine specimen, and even a blood test to check for blood-borne viruses. We will advise you on the most appropriate test.


With the male reproductive system at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, Clinic 66 offers STD/STI screening for early detection of infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

Erectile Dysfunction

Clinic 66 provides a range of treatments for erectile dysfunction, including hormone therapy, counselling, prescription medicines, and many others.

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