Mens Health Week June 13th-19th “All sausage and no sizzle” and “Little drips can be a big problem”

  • By Dr Emma Boulton
  • ●    28 Apr 2016

Men are often accused of having their head in the sand when it comes to health. Men have reduced life expectancy than women, despite having similar health risks. Evidence shows that men visit their doctor much less frequently than their female counterparts. Why is that? It seems that men often don’t feel that services are organised with them in mind, and access is difficult which creates a barrier to seeking assistance. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their health.

Here at Clinic 66 we are keen to help break down the barriers and make it as easy as possible, for men to access services. We know that men like a logical problem solving approach generally, with minimum fuss; in the same way that they approach vehicle servicing and maintenance. At the Mens Health Check, we can undertake a thorough risk assessment, just like having your car serviced. To celebrate, Men’s Health Week on 13-19 June 2016, Clinic 66 is planning to help raise awareness and support the health and wellbeing of the men our local community.

This year, for Men’s Health week, there will be focus on a couple of key issues that men might be concerned about: “All sausage, no sizzle”, and “Little drips can be a big problem”. These two symptoms are strong hints that a man needs to have a quiet chat about his health with his local doctor.

Erectile dysfunction and urinary symptoms are very common and can be easily fixed. Come and talk to us (don’t be shy) if you have having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, or if your waterworks aren’t as they used to be. Our doctors will take a history, make physical examination and may arrange for some basic tests. Much better to fix a minor problem before it becomes a major problem!

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