Coming to Your Appointment at Clinic 66

Coming to Your Appointment at Clinic 66

Fees and Payment at Clinic 66

Clinic 66 is a small, privately billing reproductive and sexual health clinic. For Medicare card holders having a consultation, you will be able to claim a rebate from Medicare. If you are having a procedure, we usually liaise with Medicare directly and you will pay the gap. Gap fees represent the “out of pocket expense”. This gap is payable by the client/patient and is very common practice in Australia.

At Clinic 66 our mantra is “to provide excellent services at an affordable price”. We are constantly working to maintain high standards whilst allowing our clients to be minimally out of pocket when they come to see us.

However, you can usually expect to have a gap fee payable. If you do not have a Medicare card, then your fees will usually be higher, but for clients who do not hold Medicare cards, they often have health insurance, which may cover the cost, depending on the insurer and the policy. If you have a Medicare card, AND hold private medical insurance, AND wish to make a claim on your private insurance for a procedure, please let us know BEFORE you have the procedure so we can ensure you are billed correctly.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please discuss this with the doctor that you see on the day, or with the practice manager if you are considering a procedure. However, our fees are already lower than care provided in hospitals, so it is very difficult for us to provide further financial concessions.

Payment by debit card (EFTPOS) is our preferred form of payment option. Alternatively, a credit card can be used. If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount as we have limited change available.

Transport & Parking

There is no dedicated parking at Clinic 66, although there are several shopping centres nearby where there is free parking for 3 hours. There is also metered on-street parking and unmetered street parking within a short walk. Clinic 66 is served by public transport very efficiently and we would recommend the use of train or bus to get to us.

For patients who are having procedures it is possible for them to be picked up directly outside the clinic to minimise any walking required if being collected by car after a procedure.

Please do not make plans to drive yourself or get public transport if you have had a procedure. This applies whether you have had a sedation or the procedure done awake. We recommend you are driven home after having a procedure, preferably by a support person, but failing that by taxi. This is in your best interests as often people can feel faint or unwell even hours after a procedure.


Most of the time, a referral is not required to see any of our specialised GPs. However, if you are seeing one of our specialists, you will need a referral, though this can often be generated in-house. However, many GPs do refer to us, and if your GP has referred you, please bring the referral letter with you, so that we may communicate with your GP directly regarding your care.

Procedure versus Consultation

If you are having a procedure under intravenous sedation, you are expected to be fasted – this means not eating any food six (6) hours prior to your appointment, then drinking water only up until two (2) hours prior to the appointment. For the two (2) hours immediately prior to the appointment, you should be nil by mouth i.e. no food or drink, smoking, chewing gum – nothing. This is very important as if you are not fasted when you have an intravenous sedation, it is possible you may regurgitate and inhale your stomach contents. This is a serious incident which can be avoided by proper fasting.

If you are coming for a consultation or a procedure which is being done awake, there is no need for you to fast. However, if you are having an IUD insertion awake, we recommend you would take some form of simple painkiller approximately thirty (30) minutes prior to your appointment time.

Privacy and my Health Record

We take your privacy very, very seriously. There would be no circumstances when we would share your data with anyone else unless you gave us permission to do so.

We do participate in the e-Health initiative with the Australian government which means that if you have a My Health Record, we will be happy to upload an event summary into your record should you require us to do so. However, we will not upload a shared health summary or an event summary into My Health Record without your request to do so.

We do not use cloud-based computing systems for out medical records and we have a secure server which is protected with the highest level of security to hold our clinical information system. We do not use an electronic appointment-making system due to the complexity of the services that we offer and the need to book you in with the correct doctor to assist you. When you call to make an appointment, you will be asked to briefly state the reason for your attendance. This is so we can ensure you see the right doctor who can provide you with the best care. However, you may contact us via webform or via phone anytime to make an appointment with the doctor who is best for you and the nature of your query.

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