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Sex is a great part of our lives. We need to ensure our sexual health, as we do with our physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you have multiple partners or are in a monogamous relationship, same sex or hetero, you want to make sure your sex life is as good as it can be; free from infection, comfortable and pleasurable. It is worth considering these things;

What do I want from a sexual partner? (casual encounters or multiple partners can be more risky than a monogamous relationship)

What do I need? (contraception and/or barrier protection against STIs, lubrication)

Do I need to get tested? (unless in a monogamous relationship, many folks get STI screenings every 3-6 months)

A sexual health check is simple and straightforward and is an opportunity to talk about any aspect of your sex life, whether it be function (premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low desire, painful penetration) or something associated which impacts on your sex life such as relationship issues. You may want to be screened for infection if you think you may have been exposed. We see well people with no symptoms for screening as well as those who may have troublesome signs and/or symptoms. If you test positive for an STI, we can manage you at the clinic. Screening for cervical cancer (pap tests and colposcopy if necessary) is recommended for all women to prevent cervical cancer. Currently, the recommendation is to get a pap test every 2 years up to the age of 70 if you have ever been sexually active. We can also help you decide on the best form of contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy, as part of your sexual health check.

At Clinic 66 we see men, women or couples together to screen for STIs, discuss sex and/or reproduction and help you manage any ongoing condition such as vaginismus, dyspareunia or erectile dysfunction.

We have male and female doctors available to provide consultations on any aspect of sexual health. Come and see us at our discreet new rooms in Chatswood for a consultation.

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