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IUD Intrauterine Devices Insertion or Removal Clinic in Sydney

Intrauterine devices have been around for a very long time. Gone are the days of bad design and infection risk - IUDs are SAFE and very EFFECTIVE birth control. In Australia, the hormonal IUD is subsidised by the government as a treatment for troublesome menstruation. Modern designs make IUDs a great choice for women who want a "fit and forget" form of contraception, and they can last 5-10 years depending on type. If you want them removed before the time they are due to be removed, this is very easy. Most GPs are happy to remove IUDs (provided the threads are visible at the cervix).

Intrauterine devices are a type of LARC (long acting reversible contraception). Hormonal IUDs can control troublesome menstruation by reducing blood loss substantially or contribute to a hormonal treatment regime. Whether you have had children or not, an IUD could be a great option as they are so reliable. Non hormonal IUD insertion can be an alternative to the "morning after pill" provided it's inserted within 72 hrs of the episode of unprotected sexual intercourse. The choice of IUD recommended for you will depend on several factors. You will need to have a consult with your normal GP or one of our doctors prior to booking in for an IUD insertion. Insertion can be done under IV sedation or as an awake procedure. We recommend that if you've not had a vaginal birth for a baby in the last 5 yrs, then consider having IV sedation for the insertion, as it can be quite uncomfortable to have it done as an awake procedure.

We will perform an ultrasound scan after we've inserted the IUD to ensure it's in the uterus. We also recommend you have a six week check (either with us or your normal GP) to ensure the device is settling and still in the right place. For 3 days after the device gets inserted you should not put anything in the vagina. If coming to the clinic for an IUD removal, please refrain from unprotected sex for one week, to be sure you don't conceive accidentally after the device is removed.

Make an enquiry with one of our doctors, who can help you decide which IUD and insertion method will suit you.

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