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Do you want to be pregnant? You need to be having unprotected sex regularly with a partner, who along with you, is reproductively capable. If it is just not happening after six months or more of trying, then there may be a reason. We will explain all the processes and requirements for couples to conceive naturally, and check you out at our clinic to ensure that all your boxes have been ticked.

Prior to falling pregnant you should be immune to certain infections, have your pap smear up to date and not be taking risks with an unhealthy lifestyle or drugs. We can advise you as to how to increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally and with a good outcome. You don't need to be attend an IVF clinic to get expert advice on pregnancy; any of our Sydney-based health centre doctors can help with subfertility or infertility issues, and you don't need a referral to see us. If you do end up needing specialist treatment, we can provide advice on the best place to go, and refer you appropriately.

There are many new assisted reproductive technologies (ART) available, and it's a growing industry! Currently available are in vitro fertilisation or IVF (where the egg is fertilised with sperm outside the body), or intra cytoplasmic sperm insemination, or ICSI (where an immature sperm is injected into an egg). Pre implantation genetic screening can be done to ensure that an embryo doesn't carry a genetic disease. Gender selection of an embryo can be done either pre or post implantation of an embryo. There is some evidence to suggest that pregnancies conceived using assisted reproductive technologies are at higher risk of genetic defects, and low birth weight, which in itself is a risk factor for blindness, deafness and other complications of premature birth.

Eggs, sperm and embryos can all be frozen, if they need to be, for instance if a treatment is required which may impact in on a person's fertility. None of these treatments are cheap or straightforward, but are widely available in Sydney and across Australia.

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