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Trying to fall pregnant? The planets need to be aligned. In order to get a healthy baby, a fair few things need to be happening! You need to be ovulating regularly, with unblocked fallopian tubes and a healthy uterus. Your partner needs to have a good sperm count, and you need to be having vaginal sex regularly. Make sure you maximise your chances of a healthy pregnancy, by getting your lifestyle into shape. Smoking, alcohol and illicit drug use can limit your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

If you need some assistance getting these habits under control, see your GP or come to our infertility clinic in Sydney for advice and help with any issues. Women over the age of 35 can find it harder to fall pregnant, and there is higher risk of complications during pregnancy, the older a woman gets.

Antenatal screening can happen after you fall pregnant, though if you are at increased risk of genetic defects, you may need special counselling and tests prior to continuing with the pregnancy.

You also should have pre-pregnancy work up to make sure your pap smear is up to date, and to ensure that you are immune to simple infections such as rubella and chicken pox. Ideally women who are contemplating pregnancy should be taking folic acid. The next step is to understand your own menstrual cycle so you can be aware of ovulation. Regular menstrual cycle usually means regular ovulation. Have sex regularly but don't be obsessed; just enjoy your partner and relax. Once you are pregnant, it may be that you want to have a nuchal scan which helps detect chromosomal defects such as Downs and Turners syndrome.

Our clinic offers you the best assistance without you having to break the bank. Come to Clinic 66 for advice, screening and work up of your infertility or sub-fertility. Most infertility clinics will not do anything for you before a year is up of you actively trying to fall pregnant.

At Clinic 66 in Chatswood on the north shore of Sydney, we offer you a specialised primary care multidisciplinary team, we can provide you with expert advice, helping you optimise the chances of falling pregnant. We can also refer you if more invasive treatments are required.

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