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An intrauterine device (IUD) is highly effective contraception (more than 99% effective). There are 2 types of IUD available in Australia- one that is hormone-based and one that is not hormonal and is made of copper and plastic.
Vasectomy is the common name for male sterilisation – a permanent method of contraception. It is a simple surgical procedure which closes off the sperm-carrying tubes (vas deferens) in the scrotum to stop sperm from getting into the semen.
Any procedure with intravenous sedation anaesthetic means that you need to have an empty stomach, and so you should NOT eat any food during the 6 hours prior to your appointment. You should only drink only water between 6 and 2 hours before your appointment
What is the best option for me? Consider your timing, process, support and recovery, side effects, cost and complications.
It is important to take your time considering all available options to make the best decision for you. Options for an unintended pregnancy include continuing the pregnancy (choosing to parent), continuing the pregnancy for adoption and terminating the pregnancy...
A colposcopy uses a powerful microscope to allow a closer examination of a women's cervix as well as the vaginal canal and vulva. You may be referred for a colposcopy if you have had...
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