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Clinic 66 offers a full range of family planning services, including contraception counselling and treatments, unplanned pregnancy management, fertility and pre pregnancy work up. Pre-pregnancy counseling and work up is important, you need to make sure you are as healthy as you can be prior to conception. Typically a "pre-pregnancy work up" will consist of history and examination (including pap smear if required), check of immunisation status for a range of preventable infections such as rubella and chickenpox, possibly a flu shot, life style counseling and health assessment to check weight, BP, exercise schedule, explanation of ovulation cycle and recommendations of the best time to have sex! (frequent practice recommended......). Doctors at Clinic 66 provide shared antenatal care, if you have a low risk pregnancy and want to have a community approach without the unnecessary costs incurred by private obstetric care.

For any aspect of men's and/or women's sexual and reproductive health, we can help......

Regardless of whether you want to be pregnant, prevent pregnancy or deal with unplanned pregnancy, we can help. Unlike any other clinic, Clinic 66 offers a full range of consultations AND procedures regarding this specialty. Our family planning procedures such as D&C, IUD insertion and removal, implant insertion and removal, and vasectomy are all available in our brand new, state of the art procedural operating theatre, in Chatswood on the north shore of Sydney, with IV sedation if required. We also provide cervical cancer screening (pap tests and colposcopy), breast examination, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infection, male and female specific cancer screening counselling and HPV/Hep B vaccination.

Do you have menstrual problems? Irregular, absent, excessive or painful periods can severely affect your quality of life, and usually something can be done to help! Sometimes there's an underlying cause such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids or polyps. Most of these can be diagnosed by taking a history, examining you and possibly some investigations such as an ultrasound scan. Menopause is when a woman's periods stop, and signifies the end of her reproductive capability. Women at this time in their lives need a special approach to contraception and menstrual control, as the requirement for contraception is less, but menstrual difficulties (heavy and/or irregular) are common.

Adolescents have sexual health and reproductive health needs of a different kind. We have male or female doctors who will provide you with consultation and expertise to help protect you against unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. Come and talk with us. It's confidential.

Sexually active people of all ages can suffer with psychosexual issues such as lack of interest, performance anxiety or post traumatic stress. If our doctors recommend you might benefit from a mental health care plan, we can refer you to a specialised psychosexual counsellor and you may be assisted by Medicare rebates.

Our doctors and multidisciplinary team of health professionals are specially trained in all aspects of family planning, sexual and reproductive health and you do not need a referral to access our services. We are a private facility, and private fees apply. However, we will consider all clients individually, if they are in financial difficulties. Everyone is welcome to Clinic 66, regardless of ethnicity, sexual preference, or residency status.

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