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Contraception, family planning, fertility advice, call it what you like... birth control means taking responsibility for procreation. Most youngish healthy people who have unprotected sex, will conceive, within a few months, unless an effort is made to prevent it. Getting pregnant may be what you want, but if not a happy accident then you are faced with difficult decisions. Pregnancy termination is available in most Australian cities, but generally not in the country. If you have an unplanned pregnancy, please call us to make an enquiry, to discuss your next steps. You can use telehealth if you can't attend in person.

Birth control can be long-acting reversible (LARC) or pills or barrier contraception. We can fit you for a diaphragm or teach you how to put on a condom. IUDs implants and injections require specially trained doctors who have skills in this area. IUD insertion can be straightforward, or not so easy. In our procedural theatre, we provide intravenous sedation, to ensure your comfort for the fitting of these devices. Your choice of contraception depends on your past medical history and whether you have had children or not, and whether you want to get pregnant in the short term. Sometimes contraception can take a while to get out of the body and for fertility to return to normal (eg depot injections) but for most types of modern birth control, they are immediately reversible. Natural family planning tends to be less reliable, and you need to be aware of your menstrual cycle, and mindful of your fertile times, in order to make the most of this form of birth control. However, if you want to be as natural as possible, it can work really well. We can teach you how to understand your own fertility cycle, by being able to interpret when you are ovulating (timing, cervical mucus, temperature). Understanding your own cycle also enables you to optimise your chances of conceiving, also.

There are a few myths around with contraception, and online you will always find different opinions. Here are just a few; IUDs make you infertile (FALSE!) Oral contraceptive pills cause cancer (FALSE!) Men often enjoy sex more after a vasectomy (TRUE!) It can be hard to differentiate fact from fiction. You need clear, honest and appropriate advice. Come and talk with us about how to effectively prevent pregnancy, plan your family or manage an unplanned pregnancy.

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