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Everyone wants to look strong, healthy and youthful. For a lot of men that means seeking treatments to minimise the age and sun induced lines around your eyes, mouth, and forehead. More and more men are looking better, feeling better, and achieving a competitive edge in their personal and professional lives by proactively treating signs of ageing. The stigma around cosmetic treatments is gone, and just like hitting the gym and eating right, these anti-ageing day-clinic treatments are now widely accepted as a way to stay on top in a competitive world. In fact, recent studies show men are now 258% more likely to receive anti-wrinkle injections as they were a decade ago. Naturally, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and sun damage can age the skin so as well as thinking about aesthetic treatments, a review of lifestyle is to be recommended!

The use of botulinum toxin injections is widely accepted for a number of medical treatments as well as for anti-ageing. The mode of action of this substance is by temporarily blocking nerve endings and which causes muscle weakness. For some medical problems, such as migraine (over-tense muscles around the base of skull), overactive bladder or limb contracture, these injections cause great relief. Facial muscles are very active and so wrinkles develop due to muscle use, as people mature. By temporarily paralysing some small muscles in the face, wrinkles can be flattened out. Fillers can also be used to "fill out" when fat is lost from parts of an ageing face. Botulinum toxin injections generally last about 3 months before needing to be repeated.

Microneedling is another technique which can improve signs of ageing and damaged skin. Particulary good for small scars (eg. acne) . Both microneedling and anti wrinkle injections are usually performed as awake procedures, though sedation is available if required.

Now more than ever men are maintaining their competitive edge with these non-surgical cosmetic injection treatments that define and enhance their appearance. This is a safe, quick, and effective way to keep a man looking and feeling his best. We hope to offer anti ageing treatments at Clinic 66 for men in the near future, but currently these are not yet available. We will keep you informed!

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