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Health is all about emotional and physical wellbeing. If we feel good about ourselves, we are more resilient and able to face life's challenges. Unfortunately, ageing is inevitable.

Some skin types make the skin more prone to fine and deep lines and wrinkles, especially in the eye area (popularly known as crow's feet).

There are a number of treatments available to slow the signs of ageing and keep you looking your very best. Taking care of your skin and your appearance not only improves how you look, it can improve how you feel and increase confidence and esteem.

While many people think of botulinum toxin type A as a treatment for wrinkles, it has actually been used for many years to treat certain medical conditions such as vaginsimus, migraine and bladder overactivity. This treatment (available by the unit) is safe to use as an injectable medicine because it is used in such small quantities, flattening out wrinkles on the face and reducing the visible signs of ageing. Botulinum toxin type A blocks the release of a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger) known as acetylcholine from nerve cells. Acetylcholine normally transmits nerve impulses to muscle cells, causing them to contract. Without acetylcholine, the affected nerve is unable to send a signal to the muscle it supplies, resulting in a weakened or paralysed muscle. The effect of these injections is restricted to the area being treated, and because the nerve fibres usually regenerate after a couple of months, the effect is only temporary (lasting 3-6 months).

A small number of people develop neutralising antibodies to anti-wrinkle injections after repeated therapy, which results in the treatment no longer being effective.

At Clinic 66, we hope to expand our range of services to include those of anti ageing, but these are not yet available in house. We will keep you informed!

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